The Victim Quick Response Program (VQRP)

The Victim Quick Response program has been established and funded by the Ministry of the
Attorney General Ontario Victim Services Secretariat
to provide timely assistance to
victims of the most violent crimes. This program is designed to offer immediate
financial assistance to victims of:

• Homicide (including attempted murder)
• Serious Physical Assault
• Domestic Violence
• Sexual Assault
• Hate Crime

Referrals are made by a Police services in the province of Ontario, Sexual assault centre or
Domestic Violence shelters, emergency services, community agencies and self. In all cases, service providers are paid directly by the VQRP rather than to the victim.


The program provides financial assistance
1. Short term immediate Counselling services.
2. Funeral expenses for victims of homicide only.
3. Immediate emergency expenses as follows:
Crime scene clean up
Emergency home repairs to secure premises for the immediate safety of the victim
Emergency Accommodation and meals where there are no secure housing option available
Transportation cost for the most economical and practical means of travel to support a victim who as suffered emotional and/or physical harm as a result of a violent crime or for a family member to identify a victim of homicide.

Emergency child care and dependent care for elderly or special need dependents to support a victim who has suffered emotional and/or physical harm as a result of a violent crime or to enable a family member to identify a victim of homicide.


• A victim is eligible for these services if he or she has reported a violent Criminal Code offence to police services in Ontario, domestic violence shelter, sexual assault centre, emergency services or community agency providing services of victims domestic/sexual assault
• The crime occurred in Ontario, on or after June 30, 2007
• The victim resides in Ontario
• The request is made with 14 days of the crime
• There is no other financial resources available, i.e. insurance, workplace EAP, Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program
• The victim has not previously received funding from the VQRP for the same criminal offence
• The funds are expended in Ontario